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26 septembre 2022


Quebec Precious Metals Corp. is selling two lithium pegmatite projects in the James Bay territory of Quebec to further its goal of focusing on its flagship Sakami gold project.

The sale helps Idaho Champion pivot from precious metals toward all-important battery metals while Quebec Precious Metals can focus on Sakami and growing its resource estimate there, said Chris Temple, editor of The National Investor.

19 mars 2022


Normand Champigny, CEO at Quebec Precious Metals Corporation, presents at Master Investor Show 2022. In his talk, Norman updates on progress made with Quebec Precious Metals Corporation’s gold exploration efforts in the James Bay region, Quebec, Canada.

Focussing on its flagship project, Sakami, Normand also outlines the company’s operational plan for 2022.

11 avril 2021


QPM was created to find the next gold mine in the James Bay region. In 2020, the big change that occurred was our discovery of a 3.5 km long extension of the existing La Pointe deposit.

From here, the plan is to drill, drill and drill, our objective being to get to a multimillion ounce deposit that will be of a size that is sufficient to be sold to a company who can develop it. We are explorers, we know James Bay well, and we have a strong working relationship with the local Cree community, which provides a distinct advantage for our company.

VIRTUAL INVESTOR DAY: Feb. 17th & 18th, 2021
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19 novembre 2020

Dans une récente entrevue avec InvestorIntel, Peter Clausi s’entretient avec Normand Champigny, chef de la direction et administrateur de Métaux précieux du Québec à propos des résultats de forage des cinq premiers trous de la découverte La Pointe Extension sur le projet Sakami.

Les résultats de forage sont cohérents et confirment le fort potentiel d’exploration du projet Sakami.

La société continuera à forer jusqu’à ce qu’elle atteigne son objectif de 2 millions d’onces d’or.

17-18 janvier 2020

Normand Champigny, CEO of Quebec Precious Metals at the Metals Investor Forum on Jan 17-18, 2020.

Normand Champigny, CEO & Director of Quebec Precious Metals (TSX-V: CJC) delivers a presentation at the Metals Investor Forum on Jan 17-18, 2020 in Vancouver, BC.

Brien Lundin and Normand Champigny discuss the highly-prospective Sakami project located in the James Bay region, Quebec, near Newmont Corporation’s Éléonore.

Precious Metals Summit

Precious Metals Summit 2019

10 au 13 septembre 2019

Beaver Creek Precious Metals Summit

Quebec Precious Metals recently attended the Beaver Creek Precious Metals Summit in Colorado. The conference was well-attended, very useful to investors and the overall sentiment was very positive. CEO & Director Normand Champigny detailed the Flagship Sakami project located in the James Bay Region, and the goal of advancing this project to the Resource Estimate stage.

24-25 mai 2019

Normand Champigny, CEO of Quebec Precious Metals at the Metals Investor Forum on May 24-25, 2019

Normand Champigny, Chief Executive Officer of Quebec Precious Metals delivers a presentation at the Metals Investor Forum on May 24-25, 2019 in Vancouver, BC. TSX.V: CJC; CJCFF; YXEP.BE

“What Sets Quebec Precious Metals Apart from Other Juniors?”
Jordan Roy-Byrne talks to Normand Champigny

Normand Champigny, Chief Executive Officer of Quebec Precious Metals and Jay Taylor of J. Taylor’s Gold, Energy & Tech Stocks discuss the Sakami project.

« A Resurgence in the James Bay Region »
Greg McCoach talks to Normand Champigny.

« Resource Potential at the Sakami Gold Project »
John Kaiser talks to Normand Champigny

CTMF 2019

CTMF 2019

28 avril au 1er mai 2019

What makes Operating and Investing in Quebec’s Mineral Rich Province Attractive and What Has Changed in Getting the Attention of Investors for Exploration Finance

CTMF combines discussion of technical, non-technical and financial issues and trends impacting raising capital, with the experiences of many leading decision makers in the global mining business.

Master Investor Show

Normand Champigny – Master Investor Show 2019

27 mars 2019

Master Investor Show – the UK’s largest annual conference for private investors

This year’s Master Investor Show, held on 17 March, was widely received as a resounding success by visitors and exhibitors alike. 4,400 visitors registered and the bustling exhibitor zone witnessed a global line-up of 70 companies, representing 20 different sectors. 40 guest speakers shared their investment insights and business cases across 4 packed out stages.

korelin economics report

22 mars 2019

Introducing a new company exploring in Quebec with support from a major – the Korelin Economics Report

With a focus in the James Bay region of Quebec and the backing of Goldcorp, who investing $3.7 million back in June, the Company is actively exploring the Sakami Project. President and CEO Normand Champigny talks about the background of the Company, current strategy and future plan’s, which include an additional 15,000m of drilling to potentially identify a resource. (english only)

11 mars 2019

Normand Champigny, Chief Executive Officer of Quebec Precious Metals delivers a presentation at the March 2-3, 2019 Metals Investor Forum in Toronto

In addition, MrChampigny had the chance to interview with Gwen Preston and fellow industry expert, Greg McCoach, The Mining Speculator. Click below to watch the interviews (english).

Quebec Precious Metals targets James Bay gold

The Sakami Project exploration camp in the James Bay region of northern Québec.

5 décembre 2018

Quebec Precious Metals targets James Bay gold – Resource World Magazine, December/January 2019 (english)

The Sakami Project is located 90 km northwest along the same geological trend from the Éléonore Mine. […] The Sakami Project covers about 23 km along this trend, with several known target areas and other land open to new discoveries… Read full article here.

Corporation métaux précieux du Québec - Une nouvelle entreprise d'exploration aurifère sur le territoire d'Eeyou Istchee Baie-James

18 octobre 2018

Corporation métaux précieux du Québec – Une nouvelle entreprise d’exploration aurifère sur le territoire d’Eeyou Istchee Baie-James – Revue minière du Québec

À la fin de juin 2018, les sociétés Métaux stratégiques du Canada inc. et Matamec Explorations inc. ont conclu une transaction de regroupement d’entreprises afin de créer une nouvelle société d’exploration aurifère pour le territoire de la baie James, qui est appelée Corporation métaux précieux du Québec (MPQ)… Lire l’article complet.

17 octobre 2018

Interview: Normand Champigny, Quebec Precious Metals – 121 Mining Investment New York October 2018

Our objective is to identify a multi-million ounce resource at Sakami and to advance the project towards realizing its full potential. We will also continue exploring and evaluating other projects in the Eeyou Istchee James Bay territory in Quebec.

17 octobre 2018

Presentation: Quebec Precious Metals Corporation – 121 Mining Investment New York October 2018

Quebec Precious Metals Corporation is a Gold Exploration company focused on James-Bay area in Quebec. Flagship project Sakami is located in a district-scale land package with multi-million ounce potential.

7 mai 2018

Goldcorp invests $3.7M for Stake in Firm Merging Quebec Junior Miners – BNN Bloomberg

Goldcorp is investing $3.7M to acquire a 14 per cent interest in a new combined exploration company in the James Bay region of Quebec. BNN speaks to Normand Champigny, CEO of the combined company named Quebec Precious Metals Corporation.

Projets de QPM / Plan des détenteurs – Cliquez pour agrandir

26 avril 2018

Goldcorp invests in new explorer in the Eeyou Istchee James Bay region – Canadian Mining Journal

Goldcorp is investing $3.7 million to acquire a 14% interest in the new Quebec Precious Metals Corp. The new company will combine the assets of Montreal-based Canada Strategic Metals, Matamec Exploration, and Sphinx Resources.

Together the three juniors control about 942 sq. km in the Eeyou Istchee James Bay region. The focus of the new company will, naturally, be for precious metals in that area.

As part of the deal, Canada Strategic Metals will acquire Sphinx’s three gold projects. Then that company and Matamec will be merged to create Quebec Precious Metals.