Cheechoo-Éléonore Trend

QPM’s 100% owned Cheechoo-Eleonore Trend project comprises 128 claims (66.4 km2) and is adjacent to the northwest to the company’s Sakami project. The project’s access is via helicopter support from the Sakami project.

It is part of an interpreted geological trend that comprises Sirios Resources’ Cheechoo gold discovery and the Éléonore mine operated by Newmont Corporation. On the basis of the same high degree of metamorphism and similar gold-arsenical paragenesis, QPM considers that the geological setting of the project is of a similar character to the Cheechoo discovery and the Éléonore mine.

Geology and mineralization

The project includes two main lithologic assemblages, namely the metasediments of the Laguiche complex mentioned above and the intrusive rocks associated with the granitic suite of the Vieux Comptoir. The latter is essentially formed of a series of granitic intrusions more or less rich in alkaline feldspar and generally poor in mafic minerals (biotite, hornblende ± tourmaline ± garnet). Spodumene and K-feldspar granites have also been observed. Several other intrusions are present, possibly of the same origin as those of Vieux Comptoir, but much smaller in scale and with a tonalitic to granitic composition. Only one showing is known on the project. The latter returned a grab sample with grades of 1.25 g/t Au, 1.1 g/t Au, 0.88 g /t Au and 0.14 g/t Au. The mineralization is hosted in an amphibolized gabbro dyke cutting a large tonalitic mass associated with the Duncan intrusions. The mineralization occurs mainly in the form of sulphides in stringers or disseminated, between 1 and 5% in abundance.