Sakami Technical Information

Exploration work on the La Pointe area of the Sakami project has focused on Zone 25.  Stratiform gold mineralization is contained in a sequence of strongly silicified quartzites, arkoses and felsic dykes hosted in paragneisses of the Opinaca geological sub-province. This mineralized horizon occurs as an antiform-synform structure plunging moderately to the southwest. Gold mineralization occasionally extends into the paragneiss host rock where it is commonly associated with quartz veins. The mineralized horizon is open both down plunge and laterally along the fold limbs. There are also indications that to the northwest, it is extending to the surface.

At the nearby Zone 26, gold mineralization is hosted in a sulphidic banded iron formation hosted in mafic volcanics of the La Grande geological sub-province. High grade gold values are proximal to the high grade areas intersected in Zone 25. Both Zone 25 and Zone 26 occur within about 50 m of the contact between the two geological sub-provinces.

Elsewhere on the project gold has been found at the JR, Bloc Peninsula and Kalmia zones, but only limited work has been done to date.

December, 5 2018, 2 km anomalous gold trend outlined at Sakami